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Meet the Organizers

James Lambert

James Lambert is an app developer and pastor. He is the owner of Lambert Applications.

Jessica Schiele @workcohab

Jessica is the Director of Programs and Membership at Cohab, Shreveport-Bossier's only coworking facility. She works daily to expand Cohab's community and develop new and meaningful programs that benefit the entrepreneurs of Northwest Louisiana.

Joey Arora @JosephArora

I am passionate about community building, collaboration and enabling others to be the best they can be. I joined the Air Force because I want to know what it means to protect our freedoms before I improve them. I am building my own company called Unity for People, where my goal is to identify and bring together the movers, shakers, dreamers and do'ers in every community. I want to change the world by building communities, and I believe entrepreneurship is the way to make the world a better place for people. Enabling people who foster innovation and change is critical to our success as a society, and I want to create a community that makes it easy for people to connect with each other.
Unity for People

John Grindley @workcohab

John may not have a PHD, but he ranks his social IQ slightly higher than the average bear. He loves being the resident Cohab evangelist and directing traffic over all of the creative and entrepreneurial energy flowing through Cohab. Opening up his rolodex or a can of beer to talk, Cohab is always on the menu. Cohab is always the soup du jour in what he’s cooking up!

Nick Spinazze

Susan Kirton @WorkCohab

Susan is Cohab's Community Liaison.

Proudly Sponsored By

Cohab is the hub for creative business in the heart of downtown Shreveport's Red River District. Cohab's mission is to boost Shreveport's economy and creative culture by supporting our city's most valuable resource, entrepreneurs and small business owners. We do this by offering top-notch entrepreneurial training, unparalleled peer-to-peer and mentor support, and a productive facility in which to build and scale a business. At Cohab, we help you engineer success.

Past Presenters

Shreveport Arcade


Shreveport Arcade is a game developer, publisher, arcade machine manufacturer, and bar working with Louisiana developers and educators to bring games back to the big box.

Unity for People


A platform for to connect with other members of an organization (chambers, entrepreneurs (coworking spaces), alumni networks, etc). The connections can be searched based on skillset/geolocation. The platform provides single place to message members of a community, browse events and promotions from members of the community. Lastly, the platform provides a collaboration space for members to interact with each other, share ideas, links, etc.

Fleur De Creme LLC


Fleur De Crème is the first and only gourmet ice cream that is available in retail stores in the Shreveport market. All of our ingredients are locally sourced or made from scratch and we follow the 'Eat Local' food campaign by supporting local farmers and retailers. The ice cream is made with non-homogenized heavy whipping creams that have a high butterfat content. All of our milks and creams are processed to remove all natural moisture creating the silkiest, all natural ice cream experience one can have.

Innolyzer, LLC


Innolyzer is a Shreveport based company focused on the development of innovate analytic devices. The company's first product the S-INC1, is a lab-on-a-chip device that quantitates the hydrogen sulfide content of liquids. Applications include basic research, clinical testing, ground and drinking water testing, and oil and gas industry testing. The company in currently in the process of closing a seed round to bring our product to market.

ArkLaTex Flyboard, LLC


As a primarily weekend operation (and by-appointment-only on weekday evenings), we at ArkLaTex Flyboard offer flyboarding experiences to our clients with the mission to give you the most fun and exhilirating experience you will have on the water, while being coached and cared for by a flight crew that puts your safety above all else. And our family-friendly environment promises a blast for the whole family, even if you're not the one flying (maybe you only want to come to watch and cheer on your friend or l

Definition Industries


DI is a screenprinting company founded in Shreveport LA, that not only produces custom garments, but focuses on small business and upstart branding and product fulfillment.

Dream Hunt Foundation


Dream Hunt Foundation exists so that children and teens with disabilities, terminal illnesses, or those considered disadvantaged, have the chance of a lifetime to fulfill their dream of participating in a guided hunting or fishing trip. Dream Hunt Foundation works closely with multiple hospitals throughout the Shreveport, Louisiana area. The hospitals refer children and teens between the ages of 10 - 18 who want the experience of a guided hunting/fishing trip and may not have the chance to do so otherwise.

Foundry Social


Social Engagement training by Constant Contact, we offer seminars that cover all aspects of getting active with an audience. Our goal is to provide the knowledge to master social for businesses and non-profits though our presentations and to sell and manage Constant Contact accounts. Once an organisation is inside our system, we become their local support professional in addition to the support from Constant Contact.

Undda Dog Apparel, Inc.


The Footlocker Store of the Pet Apparel, Undda Dog Apparel, Inc., is an e-commerce-based specialty athletic pet apparel manufacturer and retailer. Product categories include athletic pet apparel and pet accessories, and a focused assortment of pet equipment. Our online pet store offers the latest in athletic-inspired performance products for active pets and K9 athletes.



Mainspree makes selling online as simple as sharing a photo. You don’t even have to create or manage an online store... Download the Mainspree iPhone app and use it to post photos of items you have for sale to your social media accounts. Your followers will see your photos in their news feed just as they do today. When when a follower sees a photo of something they would like to purchase, they simply click on the image. They are then taken to a checkout page to complete the transaction.

Cyborg Geomatics


Cyborg Geomatics(CyG) is a company that focuses on creating spatial data using robotics with active and passive sensors. We use and make "drones" for our work, and we manage data in both raw and processed forms to create deliverables for our clients. We are open to pursuing any branch that proves profitable, given the flexible nature of using robotic platforms and autonomous software. Currently, we offer photo and video products along with 3D photo-modeling and mapping for GIS and industrial applications.

Hippie Baby, LLC


Shreveport's first and only cloth diaper and natural baby products store.

Red River Flyway Products


we specialize in handmade hunting products. Duck call lanyards and duck carriers are our main focus, but we have alot of other products we are working on at this time.

Works In Progress Louisiana


Works In Progress is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources and business training to creative professionals in North Louisiana. Our business model is very similar to Creative Capital in NYC.



smart watch apps

LMNOBeasts is a brand of educational products that harnesses the power of a child’s imagination to transform typography into a fun and effective tool for learning. Reading and comprehension skills develop faster through a process that gets children excited about letters and the power of communication. Beyond the general educational benefits LMNOBeasts also has therapeutic potential for children with a wide range of communicative disorders including autism and Asperger’s.

SkyCoach allows for instant viewing of pictures of formations and videos of plays on the sidelines during a football game.

Community Harvest


Community Harvest's intent is to grow local, organic, year-round produce in the Shreveport Bossier area using hydroponics and climate control. Our long-term goal is to provide the area with healthy, local food, increase it's availability to the public, educate the community, and create a self-sustainable environment and business model.

Match My Monogram


We recently created a much needed online marketplace, www.matchmymonogram.com, to solve the problem of what to do with mint condition monogrammed items that for one reason or another are no longer in use. This situation arises more than you may realize; you get married and acquire a new last name, your child outgrows his gingham Fourth of July outfit with his giant initial on the pocket, or you inherit Aunt Esther's fine china but your cabinet is filled with your own prized pieces. Match My Monogram takes the burden off of the consignor by finding that person out there with the same name who loves your personalized style. We do this with personalized care, so you don't stick your once-loved items into a closet or drawer with hopes that someone with the same name will come along and love it as much as you did. We also have partnered with and are able to work as a custom clearinghouse for many businesses that create personalized products and may have too many old samples or unfortunate monogram mishaps. For example, a local boutique personalizes Sarah's beautiful dress and accidentally has her name misspelled as Sara or the initial order is wrong on ZTC's briefcase. My business is new, only a few months old, but it is catching on nationwide as an ideal, easy way to upcycle unused personalized pieces. We are valued by sellers and buyers alike. We reach a wide variety of audiences; the fashionistas, the mom, the name enthusiasts, the recycler and the heirloom lover. Find your match!

Highly Favored Creations, LLC


A manufacture of pet heath products. We invent, manufacture &market pet health products Internationally.

SR Business Resources, LLC


We sell a system that consists of a software program and an Advisor Team, which assists a business owner in establishing a business credit profile and score, and provides avenues of business financing based on the business' strengths instead of the traditional bank criteria.

ConnectOne develops products that solve problems in the electronic market place. Long-term we would like to engineer products, patent them, and license them out to other companies.

LittlBig, LLC


LittlBig solutions use smartphones to control and communicate with out-of-home digital signage applications. LittlBig allows individuals to interact with public venue digital signage and other forms of high-resolution digital media using their smartphones as input and control devices. We refer to our patented technology, the first of its kind, as a Digital Out of Home Smartphone Media Controller.

Alchemy Geopolymer Solutions


Alchemy Geopolymer Solutions is a Techno-Construction company that combines advanced knowledge in the field of material science, cutting-edge nano-technology based manufacturing techniques, and proprietary installation practices to deliver unique cementitious solutions to the heavy industry, oil and gas and infrastructure sectors.

Global Images LLC


Our company is a startup that specializes in creating framed pictures with patent pending LED inserts.

Haptic Unlimited


We use technology to bring people together, make life more convenient, and help the world with innovative products and ideas. From consumer electronics to educational products, we fill needs that we see every day.

Madame Query's PlayLab

None at the moment

Madame Query's PlayLab is an interactive educational experience for children ages 5 and up. Think of it as the Playskool kitchen of science! Children will have their own laboratory bench in their house and can download interactive science experiment videos that will not only teach basic scientific principles, but will foster critical thinking skills.

Accelerated Business Exchange


Accelerated Business Exchange is a Barter & Trade Exchange. We help our members conserve cash, increase sales and gain market exposure. We started this business in Monroe where the business community embraced our model - we grew to over 50 members in 3 months. We recently expanded our operations to Shreveport and have begun building a similar network of businesses in this new market.



Meliate offers retailers point-of-sale analytics integration into a DIY video surveillance system.

Seln (Celine) is the innovative language fluency app designed to make you fluent in any language guaranteed within 12 months. Seln stands for “Simple Enough to Learn Now,” With a mission of connecting the world through languages, Seln seeks to be the global standard in language fluency.

Haute Goat Creamery


Maker of artisan goat-milk cheese

Red River Brewing Company


North Louisiana's first brewery since prohibition. Currently distributing the flagship Hay Ryed throughout the Shreveport/Bossier market in draft packaging.


CREATE-A-TABLE.COM (under construction)

CREATE-A-TABLE® is a patented product line that was developed to be used as a self-storing dual purpose space. CAT is our solution to creating a comfortable, large, flat work surface for virtually anyone who likes to work at a comfortable height.



HashParade streams social content on a TV inside of a business or at an event. Consumers earn points towards a loyalty program by sharing customized #hashtags. Businesses can create custom campaigns and calls to action that greatly increase the level of engagement.



buy new, used, and damaged electronics

Lambert Applications LLC


Lambert Applications is an Application Development Company, for the iOS platform. We are currently working on Fish Your Lake mobile application.

Ark-La-Tex 3D Technology


We are the first 3D technology company in the Ark-La-Tex region to offer 3D printing and 3D scanning technology as an everyday business. Our clients come from all types of industries and conceptual ideas such as; home hobbyist, food industries, manufacturing, special events, education, clothing, automotive, architecture, construction, medical, artist, technologist and toy making.



InstyBook provides a simple and easy to use, web-based application that assists service professionals in the booking and managing of appointments.

The Front Row Press, LLC publishes 'Heliopolis', an independent arts and entertainment publication based on arts, culture, and events around the Shreveport Bossier area, focused on aiding in the development of a grown arts community.



Try to name an impartial news source. If you can’t, you’re not alone. With over 75% of Americans believing there is bias in the media, the need for a new breed of news is growing. Lynxus fills that need by providing news without spin. We offer a platform for users to share and request based on geolocation, first-person, unfiltered videos of world events, making Lynxus a product of its users and not predetermined agendas. From sporting events to warzones, Lynxus delivers the news you want.



HelpFlix, Inc. is a video production firm specializing in the creation of 3D animated instructional videos that assist with step-by step instruction in place of or as a supplement to operator manuals and service guides.

Great Raft Brewing


Great Raft Brewing is a Shreveport, Louisiana based craft brewery dedicated to making creative, authentic beer and helping to build a great beer culture within communities it serves. Co-founders Andrew and Lindsay Nations are Shreveport natives with a passion for beer. Born from their desire to bring exciting, flavorful, fresh craft beer to their hometown, Great Raft Brewing is bringing the craft brewing tradition to Northern Louisiana.

Higgy Ziggy


Higgy Ziggy is a mobile gaming company that wants to bring a kid's perspective back into gaming. Higgy Ziggy was founded by 12 year old Luke Higginbotham, who has a passion for creating games. However, he often feels as if game developers could do more to give their users what they want. Luke seeks to change this with his own games, the first of which is The Lost Tribes, which is being developed in conjunction with Twin Engine Labs. Higgy Ziggy seeks to make gaming more social and fun for the gamer.

4 Your Home Inc.

in progress

The Company will be manufacturing a product for market. The Tadpole Tape Cutter will be sold to all major big box stores nationwide. This inventive tool will simplify the task of cutting different tapes. The Tadpole is designed to help in painting, packaging and shipping.

Cool Products Company - will be LLC


Cool Products is a start-up company developing, manufacturing, and commercializing a diverse array of new and innovative products initially in the home and outdoor furniture market and the hunting products market. While the company is a startup, it has been in planning and development for over a decade—an entire line of products, including several patented and patentable products, have been developed are ready for commercialization.

Digital Lion


Digital Lion develops new mediums for creating, cataloging, and sharing news and information that embrace time, location, context, and content.

SkyRunner, LLC


SkyRunner is part all-terrain vehicle, part light-sport aircraft. It's the next big step in the small, elite segment of lightweight aviation.

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